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Customer focused technical innovation has been the driving force behind the success of the Seaward Group. We specialise in providing electrical test and measurement instrumentation and services to meet the demands of all types of electrical safety legislation and compliance requirements. As an international market leader in a number of highly technical market sectors, we pride ourselves on high quality UK product design and manufacturing operations. Supported by a global distributor network and dedicated sales and technical support offices in the USA and elsewhere in Europe, the needs of our customers are high on the agenda.

Seaward Group’s History

Established in 1982, our initial growth was based on the successful development of specialist instruments for electrical installation, high voltage and telecoms testing by the electricity boards, power companies and public utilities under the Seaward brand name.

A successful ability to push the boundaries of electrical test technology development enabled us to quickly build differentiation from the competition and develop a worldwide reputation for leading-edge electrical safety testing products – successfully extending its customer base to take-in important overseas markets.

Over the last 30 years, Seaward has acquired other companies and developed into new markets, producing products and services to cover an ever-increasing range of industries and applications.

30 Years of Seaward

After 30 years in the instrumentation industry, we continue to supply many of the same sectors and over time have also greatly extended our product range into new areas and market applications.

However, the fundamental Group philosophy remains to ensure that practical and effective test instrumentation solutions are provided that enable users to meet the requirements of official regulations, standards and other statutory responsibilities wherever they are based.

There is no better example of this approach than Seaward’s dominance in portable appliance testing, where our ability to link modern test instrumentation with a range of accessories and software program has enabled us to establish and sustain the long-held position as world leader.

The Seaward Group Today

Over time the original Seaward business has grown into an expanded Seaward Group structure that now also includes the Rigel Medical range of specialist electromedical testers alongside the Clare electrical compliance, type approval and production line testing range which has been around for over 70 years.

Complementing the Group’s electrical testers is the long established Cropico range of precision resistance and temperature measurement instrumentation for calibration and engineering applications.

Building on this long history of electrical test expertise and innovation, the most recent development has seen our expansion into the growing solar PV market.

The introduction of the world’s first dedicated multi-function electrical tester for solar photovoltaic installation marked the beginning of an exciting period of expansion for the Seaward Solar brand in 2011, this product range has been successful internationally and already more PV test products and accessories have been introduced.

All of these product brands are established market leaders in their own sector and all are served by the core of Seaward’s business - its purpose developed manufacturing facility incorporating in-house product design, design engineering, manufacturing, marketing, service, calibration and other customer service functions.

Investment in modern electronic design and manufacturing has supported our commitment to customer focused technical innovation, where the ability to reduce time to market for new product introductions through fast track design and development programmes is crucial.

The Seaward Group also boasts a service and calibration brand. With the highest standards of customer service and drawing on decades of test and measurement knowledge, Calibrationhouse is able to provide its customers with unique calibration services. Focused not only at providing Seaward Group customers with UKAS calibration, Calibrationhouse has the expertise to service and repair a wide range of manufacturers’ test and measurement instrumentation.

Seaward Group Innovation

These resources have enabled many of the successful electrical safety testing products introduced by Seaward to become the first of their type. There are many examples worldwide where the company’s instrumentation has become standard equipment among electrotechnical engineers and technicians.

In this way the company has been a pioneer in the introduction of many innovative safety testing techniques. This started with the development of combination testers, through to the internal memory storage of test results in the tester and the use of barcodes to establish equipment safety testing parameters. The introduction of Bluetooth connectivity with test accessories and the development of specialist electrical testing techniques have continued this pioneering reputation.

Across the group, the present day Seaward now has the ability to provide specialist T&M instrumentation solutions for health and safety and electrical installation needs, through production line and product type approval testing to specialist biomedical, precision engineering and calibration applications.

In the highly technical world of electrical test instrumentation, our dedication to setting higher standards of innovation, quality and performance have established us as a recognised world leader.


The Seaward Group Brands

Seaward Seaward

PAT, Installation and
High Voltage test and measurement solutions

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Clare Clare

Test solutions for
electrical manufacturers and hire companies

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Cropico Cropico

High precision resistance and temperature measurement instruments

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Rigel Rigel Medical

Advanced solutions for testing biomedical equipment

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Solar Solar

Safe, efficient
test solutions for PV installers

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Calhouse Calibration House

Taking care of your test and measurement equipment

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